Consulting Services

3DDTS is well recognized for developing customized web designs according to our client’s needs. In today’s competitive business world, websites are the most strong and effective tool of marketing for any company, that is why our teams of experts work with your ideas and business needs. We provide extensive research and advanced industry knowledge to convert an idea into a powerful business tool.

All-in-one Web Design & Hosting Solutions for Companies

With one phone call, you can have a reliable full service web development firm as your very own IT department. Our experts can design, redesign or provide support to your existing application. We also have specialists that can redesign the logos and corporate identity to give your company the complete one-stop-shop service that it needs.

We offer a full range of extensive services such as:

Web Design

Programming services

Corporate identity

Logo design

Maintenance and support


Custom content management systems (CMS)

Flash web design and programming

Domain services

SSL certificate setups and configurations

Email and web hosting services

Search Engine Optimization

Internet marketing.

3DDTS offers an industry standard On-shore/Off-shore IT consultancy model. We have the best professional equipped with diverse knowledge to help you achieve success.

Currently 3ddts specializes in:

Testing consultancy

Management consultancy

Development consultancy

E-Commerce consultancy

SAP consultancy

Support and Call Center consultancy.

and more..

One of the most pervasive challenges for SAP shops are integrating SAP to other applications within their organization. Without proper integration between SAP and these systems, organizations fail to fully automate and optimize their business processes. Learn some of the most common challenges faced when integrating SAP, a brief overview of SAP interfaces and integration points, and various approaches for SAP integration


3DDTS consultants also have a broad set of technical experiences beyond the 3DDTS ESB itself. They are experienced enterprise architects with specific expertise in topics such as:

  • Multi-platform Integration
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management

Many other key components of business architecture. Utilizing a laser-sharp focus on integration challenges they consistently deliver innovative, reusable solutions.

Our QA team consist of the best and the most experienced members. These members are not just testers, they are highly qualified test engineers who understand your business needs and how valuable your time is. Our mission is to provide the best quality in the business at an affordable price. 3DDTS does not compromise on quality that is why we have QA teams both in house and off shore.

our experts use the best tools to provide highest standards in quality. 3DDTS provides a wide range of testing services. Our service includes but are not limited to:

Web base Testing

Manual Testing

Client Server Base Testing

Automated Testing

Mobile Testing

REST testing

Performance Testing

Load and Stress Testing

Test planning and Test Suit Management.

End to End and Business Acceptance Testing.


RMS Rapid Approach

3DDTS, has developed the Rapid Approach for Retail Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) and Assortment Planning, a ready-to-deploy solution to streamline planning activities and drive profits. Including standard processes to support and sustain both strategic and financial planning within the client’s business environment, this option offers rapid implementation, a lower total cost of ownership, and daily return on investment.

RMS, MFP solution establishes a solid foundation for future growth. With a holistic approach to RMS / MOM integration and support, RMS provides a single team incorporating experts to ensure a result that can be maintained and expanded as business needs require.

Reduce Risk

Work with a trusted partner to deliver a proven, scalable solution.

RMS’s track record of success means that we will deliver a tested and proven solution that allows faster adoption by the client. RMS’s best-practices approach to core-configuration not only simplifies the implementation process, but preserves the sustainability and expandability of the RPAS applications.

Reduce Cost:

Minimize the total cost of ownership and provide an early return on your investment.

The RMS Rapid Approach minimizes both the overall duration of MFP implementation and the number of client resources required. Providing a powerful solution that offers a solid return on investment, MFP gives retailers improved visibility to aggregated data through its ability to integrate and incorporate key financial indicators, such as sales, markdowns, receipts, inventory and open-to-buy.

Reduce Complexity:

Execute a centralized plan for the entire organization from a single solution.

By establishing a single platform, the MFP solution supports top-down, middle-out and bottom-up planning throughout the organization. Granting increased visibility not only reinforces company-wide goals throughout the planning process, it also dramatically reduces the time spent on plan reconciliation and approval.

Realize Value:

Increase profits through dynamic, detailed plans based upon strategic financial targets.

Driven by industry-standards for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs,) inventory management, and combined with a holistic solution built by expert teams, RMS delivers an MFP solution that allows retailers to:

Develop pre-season and in-season buying plans based on accurate, up-to-date metrics.

Improve planning down to the SKU / Store level to create fewer over-/under-stock situations.

Manage items proactively, including receipt flow planning at the weekly level.

Reconcile bottom-up item plans with top-down financial plans to prevent overstocks and avoid excessive markdowns.